Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Homeschool book review The Wind Boy

Today I asked my daughter if she had picked up on the allegory that is in the book "The Wind Boy" by Ethel Cook Elliot.  When I tried to explain what I saw, she said I was crazy (again!).  For those of you who have not read it, it is a very simple fantasy, clearly written in language youngsters can understand, simpler reading but much like CS Lewis.  It is a very good read-aloud book.  But for enlightened adults, it is a very complex spiritual allegory.  I just read it again, and decided to put my impressions down on paper.  I am very thankful for my high school AP English teacher who opened the world of literature for me, Ms. Clay Smith.  If it weren't for her, I would never have understood the importance of symbolism or allegory or any of those other complex terms.
The main characters are refugee children who feel out of place in their new home.  The learn to "see" into another world in their isolation, and become friends with the Wind Boy.  Turns out the wind boy has a problem- he created an ugly mask that was stolen and is being used to scare the neighborhood.  Until he returns to the "clear land" with the ugly mask he is captive on earth.  The children, with the help of a visiting angel help the Wind Boy retrieve the mask and allow him to return to Clear land.  But he comes back to visit them whenever their thoughts are pure and they truly believe in him.  The girl character is able to weave a beautiful robe when her thoughts are pure, and the robe allows her to have contact with the Great Artist.  The mother of the children is able to be an inspired artist whenever she sees into the clear land.  Her husband is returned to her from the war zone through her art.  To make any more connections will give the whole book away!  So I leave it to you to read the book and tell me if my conclusions are acurate and Biblical.  Amazon says they only have 2 left...

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